Every road trip needs a few ingredients:

Nice road, nice car, good company and a great soundtrack.

On my upcoming trip, I will be blasting through Europe on the Route Du Soleil in France and Autopista del Mediterraneo in Spain. A route known for traffic jams over 500km long during holiday season on the "black Friday and black Saturday" peaks, especially in France. We usually drive it off season and at night, so we get a decent average speed and it is actually pretty nice route without traffic.

This 2000km, roughly 1250 miles, trip is more functional than fun motivated. We will drive up with the family car to pick up my essential stuff, finish some paperwork and get my personal car, only to drive both cars back south fully packed 3 weeks later to permanently reside in Spain. We will probably one-time the first trip and split the drive back in two parts depending on weather conditions.


Fun or functional, being in a car for a trip this long requires a good soundtrack. Now music can alter your mood, mindset and driving style. So even if you like Barry White, I would leave good old Barry at home. Otherwise you just might end up making Barry White sweet love to whoever happens to be in the car with you, on a dark parking lot behind a gas station just off the highway. Now depending on your road trip company, that can be a really good or a really bad thing. I would not risk it.

I like to play full albums that offer some variation but in general are energetic, I can sing or shout along and that helps keep me alert, active and driving at a steady pace.

My personal top 5 in random order:
- CCR Collected / Creedence Clearwater Revival
- LA Woman / The Doors
- Nevermind / Nirvana
- Significant Other & Chocolate Starfish / Limp Bizkit
- MMLP2 / Eminem


What is your road trip soundtrack?

Photo Credit: Factoria Historica, Wikimedia Commons, Vrijuit