When I bought my 2002 Jaguar S-type about a year ago it came with two sets of rims and tires. One original 17 inch Jaguar set with 245 wide Pirelli P Zero tires and an aftermarket set from Brock, 18 inch B14 SLC with 235 Bridgestone Potenza tires.

I asked the garage to put on the 18 inch Brock set. Not because I am a big fan of chrome, I would never buy this set myself. But it doesn’t look bad on the Jag and the most important reason were the tires. Having to drive over 2000kms down Europe in December, with possible rain, hail and snow I felt more comfortable with the less wide Bridgestone tires, having been sliding about on Pirelli tires in a less powerful front wheel drive car in the past.

All went well until about half way though the journey. At a gas stop at night I noticed a big black mark on two of the rims. First fear was brake fluid or another leak, what would have been a big issue to fix as it was at a quiet petrol station near the Spanish border in the middle of the night. But a closer look and feel was both a relief and a bummer, the apparently thin chrome layer came off on rather large parts of the rims.

Strange thing, because there was no actual damage to the rim, no curb damage either. The chrome just came off.

I tried to contact Brock with two questions. First one was if it happens more often. Second one if there might be a way to get the chrome off completely, as the shiny black beneath it actually looks better. I did not get any reply unfortunately.


Now I’m stuck with these until can get the other set out of storage, that won’t happen for another few months until we buy a house and move out the temporary rental place. The movers put the rims in the back of the storage unit and all our other stuff is blocking it. That unit is really full.

So unless one of you has a magical solution, I’m stuck with chipped chrome and black rims for the next few months.

Odin is an electrical engineer with an interest in cars, racing and technology. Having a real name that is hard to pronounce, he chose this writing name because Thor was taken. He wrote this piece about himself and is determined to keep writing posts about F1 and Car related topics. Unless the weather is too nice or he actually gets a day job.